Holding space for families means that I am setting aside myself, my judgements and opinions, to hold space for how they feel and to let them freely express it. I honor this rite of passage to motherhood and parenthood by preparing birthing mothers and their partners emotionally, physically and spiritually. Utilizing relaxation, visualization, & connection exercises , I always am attempting to present exercises for couples to connect with each other in new ways, as well as connecting with themselves in a new way.

What is a Doula?

The word Doula is Greek for 'a woman who serves'. As a Doula, I have learned how to truly witness and hold space for birthing women and their families. Walking next to them on their journey, wherever the path may lead. Paths have lead me into hospitals, into homes, and many family's memories. Serving a family means having ZERO agenda, only following their path, respecting their wishes, and holding space for their birth vision. 

About Me:

Megan K. Alam CLD (CBI)

Firstly, I am a mother to two incredible babes - Lorelai who is 4 and Atlas who is about 6 months! Both were born at home among family and friends.

My husband & I live on an incredible 9 acre farm with a 10 stall horse barn and enjoy time outdoors as often as possible. Our pup Arlo loves playing fetch and hanging out with all the humans - all the time!. We are grateful for our gardens and for the space to breathe while still being in Indianapolis proper!  



Divine Mother Doula Service

I began my work in the birthing world in 2014. Beginning my journey as a Home Birth Assistant to an incredible midwife was the best way to immerse myself in the birth community. Witnessing and assisting on over 20 home births allowed me a rare peek into the process of labor as well as various comfort measures used by laboring mamas. Seeing these laboring women woke up my desire to serve them, helping them in any capacity whilst laboring.  Over time, slowly becoming aware of how incredible it was to support women, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to service. To serve capable, informed women, who just need some support. Families that realize its OKAY to ask for help!   We have coaches these days for just about everything else; why not birth?

After completing my certification process with Child Birth International in 2015, I established Divine Mother Doula Service - celebrating mothering, in all capacities. Over the past 3 years I have acquired the following certifications:

  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Sacred Pregnancy Instructor (8 week class series, expecting women only)
  • Sacred Birth Journey Instructor (4 week class series, expecting couples)
  • 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher)
  • Sacred Belly Bind Artist
  • I AM Sisterhood Instructor

I am so grateful to bring this sacred work to the greater Indianapolis area.