Your journey of pregnancy is a sacred rite of passage. In Sacred Pregnancy circles you join other expecting mothers to witness, connect and hold space for each other, for the path you are all on. 

These circles are for connecting with yourself and others in a meaningful, personal way. 

Sacred Pregnancy classes are being held all over the world and are the ​new wave in the pregnancy + birth community. 

We are hell bent on changing the conversation surrounding birth, bringing back old traditions of women exchanging stories in a safe space - empowering​ one another with their now shared knowledge. 

Sacred Pregnancy Journey is an 8 week series where each week we explore different topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk their path to motherhood. Encouraging deep sharing, exploring art, expression, laughter, honoring and celebration. 

What are Sacred Pregnancy Classes?

Sacred Birth Journey 

​Sacred Pregnancy Classes 

Sacred Pregnancy + Sacred Birth Journey Classes 

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Private Sessions Available

Sacred Birth Journey is a 4 week series - the new way to prepare expecting couples for pregnancy and birth. Looking at the process on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Couples explore how to connect with each other in new ways, witnessing each other's most authentic self without judgement. Celebrating each other for who they are, the journey they are on together, and who they are transforming into. 

Witnessing our partners, and ourselves grow from the experience of being in a truly safe space is honorable work. By creating a practice out of neutral witnessing we become better parents. 

Private Couples Sessions Available - Course Cost $250

What are Sacred Birth Journey classes?