• Reiki Energy Work Session

    •  $45.00 for 30 minutes 

  • Postpartum Belly Binding

    • In the comfort of your own home. Session includes an herbal bath, cloth bind, and sample of the warming herbal paste as well as binding the abdomen.

    • $165.00 for general public 

    •  DMDS clients only $120.00.

  • Private Prenatal Yoga Sessions 

    • Unique lesson plan tailored to your needs and capacity. Always pregnancy safe. In the comfort of your own home - I bring the supplies & lesson plan! 

    • $45.00 for 75 minute class

Postpartum Belly Binding : All healing, zero hype. 

Birth Doula Services 

Additional Services Offered

Divine Mother Doula Service


Preparing Mothers and Families Body, Mind & Spirit for Birth

  • 2-3 Prenatal Visits

    •  Either in your home or at an agreed upon location.

  • Customized Plan of Support 

    • Unique to your family, this plan will have all the details of how I can specifically serve your family.

  • 24/7 Phone & E-mail Contact

    • Feel free to always call with any questions or updates about your pregnancy! I make myself available to my clients - they always take priority. Does not matter if it's 2AM - never hesitate to reach out. 

  • Labor Support

    • Begins when you call me and let me know you are laboring until 2 hours postpartum to aid the transition period. 

  • 1 Postpartum Meeting

    • During your first week postpartum we keep in phone contact & plan this meeting for 7-10 days after your baby is born.

Postpartum Belly Binding is a wonderful way to help heal your womb after you give birth. This binding of the abdomen in the Bengkung style helps to:

  • Sustain good posture during breastfeeding
  • Put pressure on the uterus in order to help it shrink back down to pre-pregnancy size
  • Expel excess blood, fluid & gas from the body left over from pregnancy

It has been shown to quicken the healing time for those who suffer from Diastasis Recti or, the widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the Rectus Abdominis (or 6 pack) abdominal muscleThe split occurs at the Abdominal Raphe (Linea Alba and Linea Semiluniaris), the mid-line collagen structures of connective tissue at the front of the abdomen.

Although binding the abdomen allows for the connective tissues in the abdomen to reconnect that gap, it is only a part of the answer to healing the womb space. Abdominal strengthening exercises are also a very important factor in postpartum wellness and abdominal health. 

With this being said - traditional cultures around the WORLD have used belly binding as a postpartum tool for thousands of years. Each culture has a slightly different technique, but all achieve the same goal: wrapping and supporting a newly empty postpartum womb. Usually it is best to bind 7 days postpartum and then continue to bind for another 3 months ideally. You can wear the bind anywhere from 12-23 hours a day, re-binding yourself when it becomes loose. 

Divine Mother Doula Service offers an in-home binding session package. This package includes:

  • One Warming Herbal Salve that can be used in self-massage practices 
  • One Fresh Herbal Bath - safe to use with your newborn! (let me know if you are allergic to any specific herb or do not like the scent of a particular herb) 
  • One Cloth Belly Bind - I will message you with choices of color/pattern
  • One Binding Session - I will bind your abdomen while teaching you or your partner how to bind! I never leave a home until a client feels comfortable with binding themselves. 

Cost: $120 for DMDS Clients - $165 for General Public